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How Healthcare Workers Can Successfully Use Portable Isolation Transformers

As of 2017, there were more than 6,000 hospitals in the United States and more than seven million people employed by hospitals as of 2019. All hospitals and hospital workers perform important jobs, taking care of the sick and handling everything from minor cuts and scrapes to broken arms and internal issues.

Because there are so many workers that perform so many vital jobs, it’s important that they have all the equipment they need and that the equipment is working properly. This is especially true of tools and instruments that are powered by electricity. The worst thing that can happen is a power surge or a power outage that renders all equipment in operable.

When surges and outages happen, healthcare workers need tools like a portable isolation transformer to make sure equipment can work without having to be plugged into the wall. In heath care, engineering and many other fields, portable isolation transformer allow workers to go on with their jobs and be protected while they do so.

Think of a portable isolation transformer as a big battery that can power dozens of different types of electrical equipment. For many folks who use temporary power restoration devices like these, transformers offer many benefits which include:

  • Surge reduction: Hospitals and other important places of business need their tools of the trade to run efficiently. In hospitals, the number of electrical pieces of equipment surely number by the thousands. The harsh truth is that surges can happen quickly and without warning. When that happens, equipment can be damage and patients can be left without vital care.
    A portable isolation transformer can help reduce sudden surges. With a portable transformer, equipment runs more smoothly because DC power signals coming from a power source are isolated. In layman’s terms, that allows equipment to continue performing at high levels, even if the power goes go out.
  • Safety: Not only do portal isolation transformers protect against surges and keep equipment running smoothly, but they also keep workers safe. While electric-powered equipment is important in saving lives and keeping people healthy, it can also be dangerous stuff. Without proper safeguards, employees can be susceptible to electrical shocks and other dangers. Fortunately, portable isolation transformers can keep workers protected from shock and keep equipment functioning as it should.
  • Quality: When it comes to power quality, a portable transformer offers top notch power. Transformers reduce potential for leakage, which ultimately keeps equipment functioning at peak levels instead of shorting out or dying completely.
  • Less Noise: Another big benefit of portable isolation transformers, aside from their efficiency, is that they greatly reduce noise, filtering it away from power lines and using shields to block electrical fields and not disrupt the flow of equipment. Ultimately, it means less electromagnetic noise and less hang-ups when using equipment.

As you can see, transformers are extremely beneficial, whether companies use custom made Toroidal transformers, a marine isolation transformer or even a medical isolation transformer. The bottom line is that healthcare workers, engineers and other workers in need of power can use transformers knowing they are safe, better protected from surges and still able to provide the vital care their patients need.

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