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Transportation Workers Are Providing Essential Supplies to Hospitals and Consumers Alike

Two weeks ago you received some really good news! The okay from the doctor that you could finally drive again was exciting.

Exactly nine months ago, you put a cast boot on your very sore and swollen right foot. You thought you had tendonitis, but it turned out to be much, much worse.

Today, at physical therapy, you achieved walking more than 200 feet in shoes without significant pain. This means you can start walking a little bit and for short distances in two real shoes.

You will use a cane to prevent limping if the pain increases and you will still use the boot mostly outside until you get your custom made orthotics and get used to them. You should have them on your feet in about two weeks.
You have had some tremendous pain in your foot, especially towards the end of the day and was very worried that it was again a surgical complication. But you saw the orthopedic doctor last week and found that you have plantar fasciitis. You were probably the happiest patient the doctor has ever has told that diagnosis to, but you were very relieved it was not surgical.

Now the doctor is treating the plantar fasciitis too.

You were thrilled that you are now very close to saying good bye to the boot, and the crutches! The physical therapy is working and it looks like you will be walking again in two shoes full time! And now that you are stuck in your house due to school being closed due to COVID 19, you have lots of time to do therapy.

Fast forward to today and you are able to walk, allowed to drive, but you have no where to go. Besides sitting and waiting for the delivery of some much needed items at the grocery store, you have rarely left the house for two weeks.
Cold Chain Logistics Services Are Playing an Important Part in the Healing of the Nation

The transportation industry has never been more important.

There are times in our normal everyday lives when we all feel like we really need some things: he perfect toy to give as a gift at Christmas time, that flattering little black dress for an office outing, or the right pair of running shoes before a big race. Today, however, when families are struggling to find some basic needs like disinfecting wipes, toilet paper, and affordable food, Americans really begin to understand the difference between wants and needs. Americans also really understand how important the delivery chain is. From cold chain delivery services that guarantee that the medicine our family will need arrives at the right temperature to the rules for shipping fresh Frits and vegetables, these are times when getting the what we really need takes on a whole new meaning.

Back a few months ago, before most of us had heard anything about the Coronavirus, Americans lived in a world where they were able to go to the doctor when they wanted, buy what their budgets would allow, and enjoy the thought of spring arriving. Today, however, everyone from doctors and pharmacists to patients and nursing home administrators find themselves waiting not only on personal protection equipment, but also news about new tests and drugs that will fo a long ways toward healing a nation.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the need for reliable cold chain delivery services in what has become a race not only for a cure, but also a race for needed vaccines and tests:

  • The U.S. may hold more than 45% of the global pharmaceutical market, but it is important to know that without the right cold chain delivery services, these drugs will be of little use..
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  • In fact, seven out of 10 leading pharmaceutical products require transportation that is temperature-controlled.
  • Even before the pandemic, The global pharmaceutical market was expected to reach $1.12 trillion by the year 2022.

Cold chain delivery services and other kinds of temperature specific transportation management are important parts of making sure that Americans are able to get the supplies that they need. Being able to walk or drive to the store is of little use if there are no available products on the shelves.

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