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Ways to Enforce Access Controls With Cerbos

From security and efficiency to its adaptability, as the video outlines, the value of being able to enforce access controls with Cerbos benefits a range of businesses, organizations, and applications. Designed to work with your current software, within your infrastructure, and existing applications, Cerbos offers the versatility to help authentication and access systems for countless scenarios.

The real power of Cerbos and how companies enforce access controls with Cerbos is centered around its decoupled authorization process. This design and processing system uses an algorithm that separates protocols for authorization logic from the core application code.

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That allows access systems and controls to work as a stand-alone feature within a company’s infrastructure and network.

In addition to offering greater scalability, Cerbos also enables enhanced security by permitting more transparency to the access system for administrators and your IT security team. By default, the Cerbos system makes it easier to maintain security measures across any number of access ports, protocols, or commands.

With all access and authorization checks running through a single service, it creates a more accurate picture of how your system is being used and how to improve your overall system. For greater access control, more secure authorization processes, and all the scalability companies need, Cerbos offers smart and effective solutions.


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