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How to Get Proper Cable Management in Data Center

Data centers are emerging as some of the most pivotal components of any IT infrastructure. However, network engineers still grapple with the challenge of implementing data center cable management. Of course the data center cable management practices are evolving with the emergence of new technology. This has seen a change from the traditional practices to more effective way of managing the server room and data center. In modern data centers, it is important to recognize the importance of data center cable management tips and best practices. There have even been instances where organizations are hiring external IT experts to offer data center cable management tips and advice. With this knowledge in mind, it is clear that there will be major changes in how data centers and server rooms are managed. It will be nothing like how things used to be in the past. For example, firms are increasingly using server racks to store data center products and data center supplies. Server racks are deployed in data centers and server rooms with the aim of creating more space though effective data center cable management tips and practices. In the past, it was not uncommon to see cables lying all over the place. Even IT experts were aware that such practices were a disaster in waiting hence the need for better data center cable management tips and practices. While the implementation of effective data center containment has largely been successful, there is still a huge number of organizations that are yet to adopt data center cable management tips and practices that ensure that the server rooms are organized while the supplies remain away from damage due to proper storage in dynamic server racks and electronic packaging cabinets. So what are some of the data center cable management tips and practices that have proven to be effective over time?

Design Your Cable Infrastructure Visually
Visualizing how you want your data center to appear is one way of getting a bigger picture during the implementation stage. If you are planning to set up a new server room or a data center, the best approach is to try and figure out where every item will be placed. However, it is not a good idea to go on with the process all alone. Make sure that you consult your team of network experts for the proper installation of devices and cabinets so that they are able to operate with the cables without any interference. The checks should also include checking additional parameters such as availability of space, cooling capacity and the power. Remember, there are unique situations that can affect the entire implementation of your data center design. This is one of the reason you are visualizing the plan in the first place. There is also software designed to assist you map the design of the data center. Mapping the floor for example gives you a better view of how assets will be connected and the overall server room topography.

Document Cable Installation
Many organizations do not document their cabling installation because the process of carrying out such documentation is time consuming and labor intensive. However, the overall benefits of such documenting cannot be questioned. A scenario that many organizations face is whereby new cables are installed but the old ones are not removed. This is possibly because the installer of the new cables does not understand the previous installation process and the old cable installer is unavailable. By installing new cables while the old ones still exist, it becomes a challenge to troubleshoot connectivity problem among a host of other issues such as speed and accuracy. Cable documentation involves proper communication regarding the cabling system in order to ensure that every relevant person involved in the network team is well aware of what to do in case of any issues. Unlike in the past, the world is changing and organizations will be required to apply data center cable management tips and best practices in their server rooms and data centers for effective IT management. Without such measures, common problems such as those touching on speed, accuracy and connectivity are likely to continue being experienced in the organization.

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