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5 Cold Chain Shipping Solutions for Pharmaceuticals and Perishable Products

When you have a business that ships a lot of items, you need a way to ship the items from your business or home. When you have an at home shipping station, you can ship items from the comfort of your own home without having to go to the post office all the time. You may need to take advantage of shipping container sales so that you have the size and shape of the shipping container that you need for your business.

There are also businesses that will box mail ship your items for you, though this can be more expensive and can cut into profits. Today’s shipping procedures keep you connected when it comes to when a package will be delivered. Whether you are out running errands or getting advice on Medicare plans, you will have a click n ship shipping date that will alert you when a package has been delivered. This can help you a lot with customer service. You can tell customers when their items will arrive and then give them a delivery notice if you wish to. This can make them happy that they did business with you and to be able to retrieve their package quickly.

On average, pharmaceutical companies lose about $150,000 per small package shipment due to temperature slips. For large package shipments, the cost is substantially high to make any profit sense. This is why shipping and pharmaceutical companies have sort new and advance cold shipping solutions that ensure temperature-sensitive products, not just drugs, are kept at a constant temperature while in transit.

When it comes to cold shipping the first thing many people think of is a specialized refrigerated trailer. And while their role is vital in this supply chain, pharmaceutical storage requirements are different and highly sensitive than even shipping perishable food. Pharmaceutical samples, drugs, vaccines, blood, hormone, and other biologic materials require controlled temperature storage — to ensure quality in terms of stability, safety and efficacy are not compromised.

This has seen the introduction of more storage and packaging solutions such as insulated packaging, thermal blankets, and dry ice that are being widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Let’s look at some of these cold chain shipping and storage solutions.

Cold Shipping Packs and Ice Packs
Ideal for cold shipping of pharmaceuticals products and other perishable products, cold shipping packs are non-toxic and latex-free shipping refrigerant gel pack that’s often used as an alternative to dry ice. Perfect for freezable lunch boxes and coolers, and come in two options: foil metalized and non-woven gel pack, which are specially designed to deflect heat from the package and reduce condensation.

Insulated Shipping Box

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Insulated shipping boxes are another effective cold chain storage and shipping solution for temperature-controlled goods. Expanded polystyrene is the material used to make this foam box that features thick walls with a fitting lid set. EPS insulated boxes are available in two designs, corrugated boxes and those without, and come in varying thicknesses and sizes for different applications.

Foil Insulated Bubble Box Liner
Foil bubble box liners are special inserts for standard shipping boxes that are used to convert standard shipping boxes into insulated box-like coolers. Insulated liners feature a reflective foil that helps deflect heat, and poly bubbles that effectively transfer both convection and conduction heat from the package.

This solution is also cost-friendly compared to traditional foam insulation which didn’t even guarantee 100% insulation. It also features adhesive strips on both sides to attach properly and doesn’t take up much space, so ideal for even small boxes.

Foil Metallic Bubble Mailers and Envelopes
Insulated bubble mailers are eco-friendly cold chain shipping and storage solutions featuring heavy-duty laminated metalized bubbles and foil that protects against heat transfer. The bubbles offer cushioning while the foil ensures heat insulation. Bubble envelopes also have self-adhesive strips, ideal for creating airtight seals between the box and the store products. Consider the size of your items first when choosing insulated mailers.

Insulated Metalized / Thermal Insulated Envelopes
This cold chain solution is ideal for storing and shipping of pharmaceuticals, medicines, and perishables. Comprising of thick padded foam and foil that protects against heat transfer for up to 97% with an insulation capacity of up to 36 hours. Also, features a leakproof zipper with adhesive tape that creates airtight construction.

Bubble Foil Insulation Roll Wrap
This is an effective insulation material that reflects 97% of the ambient heat. Also used for insulating wall cracks, crawl spaces and radiant flooring, foil bubble rolls help to control heat while offering protective cushioning on your freight. Unlike other insulation materials, foil roll can be resized for specific applications such as box lining.

As mentioned, cold chain shipping solutions facilitate transportation or sensitive and temperature-controlled products. In addition, pharmaceutical companies and shippers have also embraced new technology like the temperature sensors, which help to monitor shipment in real-time, as well as control temperature remotely. Such as system comes with other sensors for tracking light intensity as well as vibration.

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