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Benefits of Camera Towers

Monitoring and securing a big show or event in a large venue can be pretty difficult. In such a case, multiple people may be required to monitor the area and perform adequate surveillance. Doing so can increase the cost of event security and put a serious hole in your budget pool.

Mobile security camera towers can help you monitor a large area safely and securely while employing just a few personnel. These low-maintenance camera towers are essential in areas where constant surveillance is critical to ensure safety and maximum security – like military bases and extensive event venues.

Most surveillance towers come with thermal cameras that provide clear vision, whatever the situation is and whether during the day or night. Plus, they also include high-performing floodlights for increased visibility even during foggy days or nights.

With an observation tower for your surveillance cameras, you’ll have a 360-degree view of the area without any obstruction and whatever the terrain. This way, you can monitor the event space better.

It’s also quick and easy to deploy this security tower, especially if you need to set it up as soon as possible. Since it’s extremely fast and efficient to assemble and can even be done by a single person, you can keep the area safe and secure while also keeping your employees productive.

In this brief video by Larson Electronics, you’ll discover how mobile security camera towers can provide adequate surveillance and boost show security in your events.

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