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The Digital Brilliance of Hall Effect Current Sensors

Understanding the hall effect current sensors and how they work alongside their applications can be quite interesting and educational. First, you get to appreciate the different types of magnetic current sensing. They include the module, ambient, and in patch. The module current sensing utilizes a toroid to concentrate the magnetic field around the current-carrying conductor.

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On the other side, the ambient current sensing measures the magnetic field in the air around a PCB, trace bus bar, and any other conductor. Lastly is the in patch or hall effect current sensor which measures the magnetic field generated by current flow through the lead frame, electrically isolated from the die. The lead frame loop generates a magnetic field proportional to the current. The sensor transforms the magnetic field into a voltage signal. These are some of the basics of the hall effect current sensor.

This video will give you in-depth knowledge of how the hall effect current sensor works. Besides, you will get to learn how it is vital in various magnetic-related projects. Therefore, it is important that you are all ears to understand what hall effect magnetic sensing has to offer. Get to also learn about the different types of Magnetic current sensing and the different roles that they have to play. This is a tutorial that has educative knowledge about the hall effect current sensor.


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