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What to Know About Environmental Test Chambers

Environmental test chambers are also called climatic test chambers. They are designed to test new and repaired products for functionality within their designed climatic and pressure range, allowing them to be certified for use.

Design validation tests products to ensure they meet their design specifications. These tests cycle a product through its range of specified environmental conditions to ensure that the product meets those conditions as designed.

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It is specification-driven and does not require the product to go outside of its specified limits. Product validation is similar but goes outside of the designed parameters to see if the product might fail or create danger under exceptional circumstances

Product testing improves product reliability and adds value to the validated product. If it survives in the environmental test chambers, it can survive in real-world conditions to which it will be exposed. These conditions include exposure to conditions outside of its operating parameters.

Test chambers come in shapes and sizes from benchtop to walk-in units that can accommodate large and bulky articles like cars. Custom-built test chambers match the customer’s specifications.

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