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The Different Types of Commercial Security Systems

When trying to secure a business, the building’s security is key. But what type of commercial security system should you use for your company’s security insurance?

There are typically two different types of recording that security systems operate on. The first is DVR. DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder.

Video Source

These have been around since 1999, so it is a little older than its NVR counterpart. DVR can be considered a type of commercial security system when it is attached to an external camera. It then will store the feed in a digital hard drive, such as a CCTV machine. This can store as many hard drives as can fit, so a lot of feed can be recorded while keeping the external camera small.

NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. NVRs only work with IP or Network cameras, so you will have fewer options for the type of camera utilized. Some of them are supplied power through an ethernet cable, but cannot work with coax cables as DVRs do. An NVR needs to work with its system while on the same network, or else it will not connect properly.

Keep an eye out for DVR and NVR security systems for your commercial business to properly protect your company.


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