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Which Marketing Strategies Should You Use When You Start a New Business?

In this video, Rick Kettner talks about marketing strategy, including the bullseye framework. It’s a super simple four-step process used by marketers to attract customers. It’s all about coming up with a bunch of campaign options. From using social media and content marketing to relying on good old word of mouth.

Marketers pick the best option based on how effective and doable it is. According to Rick, businesses, including Porta Potty rental in York, PA, shouldn’t stick to the obvious choices. Sometimes, the most unexpected channels can yield amazing results.

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That’s why it’s vital to get all creative and think outside the box.

Giving the bullseye framework a shot is a no-brainer. An important part of this framework involves picking the right channels to connect with audiences. It’s best to use channels with a solid history of getting the job done. That way, there’s no wasting time on something that won’t produce the desired results.

Finally, once marketers figure out marketing channels, it’s time to put them to the test. They must see which ones produce results and which are a total flop. It’s like a science experiment involving marketing tactics. After that, it’s time for the last step. This one is all about focusing on the winning formula and expanding it. There’s no need to spend time on channels that aren’t doing well.


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