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Examining the Security of Cloud Storage

Trying to secure safe data storage is essential for the cloud, according to the video. Taking advantage of some of the most common cloud companies is actually more secure than storing data on your personal computer. These companies are equipped with large teams that work around the clock to ensure that no malware, phishing, and other attempts by hackers get through these clouds and act as a barrier for the data.

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If you’re trying to decide which cloud storage to go with, then you have all good options, like Google Drive and OneDrive all that are so big, they wouldn’t be able to have poor practices. Smaller companies for safe data storage would actually be more of a risk because they don’t have the access to the teams that the larger ones do.

In order to improve safe data storage, make sure you implement two-factor authentication. While a strong password is recommended, it is important that you have that account linked to another one, utilize Face ID, or get a text to a secure number to confirm it’s you accessing your data and not someone who is unauthorized.

Another pro-tip for security is to keep the most sensitive data stored away from your standard content. That way if there is some exposure with your general info, your sensitive information will still be secure.

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