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Why pharmaceuticals need proper storage spaces

Scientists and researchers worldwide need state of the art facilities to maintain and store sensitive materials that are lifechanging for many. Whether it is cell studies, biological molecules, enzymes and antibodies or medications they all require a special kind of storage and travel when being transferred to different from facilities. Many people around the globe have to take medications daily to live a normal quality of life or simply to survive from day to day. If for some reason their medications are ruined due to improper storage techniques it could end up costing the pharmaceutical company thousands of dollars and create a medication shortage and price increase to account for the loss. Medications are only one of the many pharmaceutical items that are meant to be stored at optimal temperatures. There are multiple sensitive pharmaceutical samples and specimens being shipped and received around the globe using cold chain delivery services

When pharmaceuticals are being stored it can be just as touchy as food being stored, if the temperature is off slightly it could ruin the meds altogether. There are four different temperature ranges at most storage facilities and they are room temperature, refrigerated storage, freezer storage, ultra-low freezer storage and cryogenic freezer storage. Each storage temperature is used for different types of pharmaceutical materials.

When scientists and researchers are looking for places to store fragile materials they tend to look at the track record of the facilities they are considering. Having the highest levels of security, top-notch facilities and very informative and helpful staff is going to push other facilities to the top of the list. Facilities like Scisafe can guarantee the safety and security of such important pieces of research.

Scisafe is the leading storage facility for high priority pharmaceutical samples. They are available 24/7 with flexible tailored solutions. Scisafe has the highest level of protection in their state of the art facilities. The SciSafe biological sample storage facility containing the Cryobank Suite uses the most accurate freezers and cryopreservation equipment available, thus ensuring proper storage of such precious materials. When searching for the best quality of service and depth of knowledge available within the industry Scisafe is the best choice available.

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