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Tips To Help You Choose the Right Heat Press

Heat press machines have significantly changed the apparel Industry. Gone are the days when designing clothing, footwear, and accessories was a hectic procedure. Nowadays, all companies have to do is put the machine on the intended object and then imprint the design or graphic. The machine uses heat which is applied with pressure on the object.

Therefore, work has been made easier in the apparel industry that the U.S. apparel market was worth approximately $315 billion in 2016. This shows that the industry is tremendously growing.

Therefore, if you are in the apparel industry, it is vital to have enough knowledge on how to choose the right heat press. Here is a guide with tips to ensure that you end up with a reliable heat press that works for your products.

1. The Number of Orders

If you have a limited amount of orders, you can get away with manual heat presses. However, if you have hundreds of urgent orders, you need to have an automatic heat press. Semi-automatic press is a unique heat press type that is being sold in the market. This type of heat press machine has a manual closing process and an automatic electromagnetic opening.

2. The Mode of Pressing

When it comes to the specific type of heat press type to have in your company, the decision will depend on your personal preference. Two types of heat press exist in the market, and they include swing-away clam types.

In the clam type, the upper part in the press opens like a clamshell, whereas in the sway-way type, the heat platen usually wings away from the lower platen. Therefore, knowing the mode of pressing and comparing it with the product to be decorated, you will purchase the right heat press.

3. Color of Objects

When printing light-colored objects, you need to use a heat press machine that sets the temperature at 350 °F for about 20 seconds. However, for dark colored garments, you need to use a heat press transfer machine that sets a temperature of around 320 °F for about 20 seconds.

The color is a big determinant when choosing a heat press machine for hats. Hats are small in size, and thus it can be challenging to choose the right cap heat press machine.

4. The Number of Jobs

The number of jobs that you have should also be put into consideration when you are selecting the right heat press machine. Do not use a small-sized heat press machine when you have a great workload as this will delay your orders of the day.

Let your employees use a heat press machine whose size is directly proportional to the number of jobs.

5. The Design

The designs that you mostly put in your objects should also be put into consideration. The bigger the machine, the bigger the designs the press can print. However, if you are designing hats, you can get away with a small hat heat press.

Heat press machine for hats are small in size, but capable of imprinting intricate designs. Many types of heat press accessories are small, but some are of the medium size. Large presses are used to decorate clothing pieces.

6. Types of Heat Transfer

The type of heat transfer that you are planning to use to print your objects will determine the type of heat press machine that you will use. Heat press machine for hats is chosen based on the type of heat transfer with the most used being vinyl cut.

Sublimation heat presses are used when sublimation heat transfers are used on metals, mousepads, ceramics, glass, and wood. A wide range of hat transfers exist in the market, and the one that you choose to work with will determine the type of heat press that you use.

Heat presses are common nowadays as many people are getting into the decorating and product promoting business. Heat press machine for hats is being sold in high numbers as many people are decorating hats. If you love hats, this guide helps you choose the right heat press machine for hats.

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