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Are You Considering Switching Careers to a STEM Field?

Ten years ago today you began your first day student teaching at the high school you once attended as a student. You were assigned to one English instructor and one journalism instructor. You were wide-eyed, extremely nervous, very awkward, and little did you know at the time, but you were about to spend a year learning from two of the best.
Now, exactly 10 years later, the nerves are gone, you are slightly less awkward, but you are certainly just as excited. You are hopeful that Year 10 may it be the best one yet!

America’s students deserve schools full of teachers who are hoping for the best year yet. Unfortunately, at a time when too many communities are failing to provide the financial support that districts need, teachers instead start the year with less than hopeful feelings. Even the most dedicated educators who have their class’s best interest at heart can quickly become overwhelmed by the testing, the lack of parental support, and budget constraints. As class sizes grow in even the best school districts, it is no wonder that some parents look to private and charter schools for the best option. And while there are many places, especially in the midwest, where public school settings are very strong, there are pockets of the country where this is not the case.

Finding the Right School for Your Child Can be a Daunting Challenge

If you have not been in a classroom lately, then you likely may not understand all of the challenges that many teachers face. From trying to combat a lack of strong parenting or family support to dealing with districts that are basing merit pay on test results, today’s teachers face challenges that most of us simply cannot imagine.

One of the greatest challenges, of course, is helping students find their passion. If they are very lucky, that passion might turn into a future career. As today’s jobs, of course, track closer and closer toward science, technology, engineering, and math there are more and more students who may find their niche in these areas. From web developer certificate programs to C++ certification training, there are many ways when these introductory classes can help lead to a long time career at some very lucrative fields.
In this time record low unemployment, however, it is not only high school and college students who are needed in these STEM fields. In fact, there are many times when adults considering a second career choice might also find success as well. For example, one C++ certification training course may be the one motivator that is needed to introduce a new occupational interest.

Whether you choose to pursue a Java master certification or the C++ certification training option, there are many times when entering a new field is just the kind of jump start you may need. The latest research indicates that IT related jobs are expected to grow 12% through 2028, totaling almost 550,000 new jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. And given that the median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was $86,320 in May 2018, this is the kind of career change that can help many families reach their income goals. Finding out if a C++ certification training course is an option for you allows you to consider expanding your skill set while at the same time possibly creating a way for you to boost your earnings.

As high school counselors and college admissions representatives tell today’s students, the careers of tomorrow may not even be inexistent today. Fortunately, as there are many skills that will transfer into future jobs, even those that are not available today.Every one of these transferable skills can put you into a place where you are more marketable for promotions in your current job, in addition to possibly being a candidate for a future position in a company that is only in its beginning planning stages. Will you be ready?

One of the best ways to earn a new skill set, of course, is to find the right kind of classes that are taught by instructors who are equipped to prepare their students for today’s jobs and the changes of tomorrow. Are you ready?

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