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Is PebbleHost Worth It For The Money?

Are you a Minecraft player? Have you been looking for some good Minecraft server hosting? Well, good is really subjective in the sense that everyone is going to think differently about different Minecraft server hosting companies. Today though we are going to be looking at one of the most popular server companies that you can find.

Pebblehost is a Minecraft server company that specializes in Minecraft servers.

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There are obviously servers for other games as well, but Minecraft is their specialty. The reason they need to specialize in this one field is because of the sheer amount of players that play Minecraft. One of the best things about pebblehost is that they offer a number of plans for you to choose from, whether you want to host a server with hundreds of players to start a community, or you want to host a small server with only your friends, pebblehost has every type of server capacity you could need.

So is pebblehost worth it? If you play Minecraft, basically yes! If price is the hurdle, pebblehost has multiple cheap options as low as 5 dollars. If you’re looking for a large capacity, you can host a server with pebblehost that could have up to a hundred players playing smoothly all at the same time.

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