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How Can a CRM Help Colleges with Recruiting?

This video explains how the best CRM for higher education can improve college recruitment. Constituent Relationship Management(CRM) integrates seamlessly with your current student information system. It is the admissions and enrollment management software that can completely automate the college admission process.

The competition for admission and enrollment in higher education is often neck and neck with other institutions. Often, missing out on recruiting highly qualified students has nothing to do with the quality of education your institution offers. It has more to do with which institution can get those letters out in time or focus on making decisions quickly instead of dealing with data entry tasks.

CRM is the college admission management software that handles time-consuming tasks for you. CRM for higher education reduces errors and free’s up staff to focus on recruitment activities. Once the staff enters application information into the SIS, CRM evaluates the application for missing information and alerts the applicant. CRM handles all the correspondence to the applicant.

With CRM, you no longer will have to hunt for information, input information, or worry about typing out responses. It is all done for you. The best CRM for higher education can cut application processing times from three months to ten days. Learn more about how CRM, the best higher education admissions software, can improve your recruitment efforts, reduce errors, and reduce the workload.

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