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How Dynamic Digital Marketing Helps the Best Builders for New Homes Stand Out to Clients

What do the best builders for new homes have to offer that other builders of equal caliber don’t have? How do home builders become the best builders for new homes? Is it their skill set? Do they build better, or is it just perceived that they build better? Here is the secret to how builders become the best builders for new homes: they have a great marketing team behind them. Dynamic marketing can transform your building company into the best builder for new homes. Learn how now.

Reaching Your Target Audience

Years ago, building companies, the local roofer, and others sold their services by word of mouth. By doing a good job, they were able to attract new customers. A builder could become the best builders of new homes simply by delivering services as promised and spreading the word. Today, word-of-mouth connections are still the best advertising, but how people communicate has changed. One neighbor is not leaning over the fence talking to another neighbor about why they think your company is the best builders of new homes. However, the world has gotten much bigger, and builders no longer compete with the company across the street.

Some of the old marketing techniques still result in leads like direct mail marketing, billboards, and door hangers all get some response, but not nearly as much as they used to. Reaching consumers today using traditional marketing methods can backfire. For example, a recent survey by Nielson found that consumers between the ages of 25-35 report that they look at television commercials as an interruption and pay little attention to them. On the other end of the spectrum, according to Statista, about 69% of people on Facebook (the social media platform) report they purchased goods or services because they saw them on Facebook.

Today, it is essential that your business takes a dynamic marketing approach. There is a whole world ready to learn about your business, but you will not reach them marketing in the traditional ways.

A business sign will bring in foot traffic, but it is not enough. Today you must go where your audience is, and your audience is online with the rest of the world. The internet links everything and everyone, but there is more to it than simply creating an online presence for your business. Things have gotten a little more complicated when it comes to digital marketing.

Recently, an article published in the New York Times included an interview with an excavation company. The company had been in business for three short years and had quadrupled its assets in that time frame. When the interviewer asked the young owner how they could secure that much work as a new company, the owner answered, dynamic marketing. This company never had a flyer; they never had brochures made. They never even cold-called anyone. They chose a marketing company that developed a dynamic marketing strategy for their business.

The following will explain the components of a dynamic marketing strategy in the digital world. These proven effective digital marketing methods can elevate your company to the next level, and before you know it, your company can be the best builders for new homes in your area.

What Is Dynamic Marketing?

We touched briefly on the importance of digital marketing, but digital marketing alone is no longer cutting the mustard. The digital landscape has become highly competitive. You can be the best local plumber or local builder, but the competition is so fierce that no one is getting the message.

Enter dynamic marketing. This form of digital marketing is far more advanced than most business owners are now doing to reach their audience. Dynamic marketing allows the local electrical contractor to reach their target audience at the perfect time.

Email marketing is a good example of bad digital marketing. A huge problem that aggravates consumers is the flood of emails from companies they have only done business with once. The constant deluge of emails is frustrating, leads to many unsubscribes, and can taint future re-marketing to those consumers.

Dynamic marketing helps to improve responses to email marketing campaigns. Dynamic marketing is all about a personalized approach. About 91% of consumers polled by Consumer Reports state that they will more likely do business with a company that offers products or services relevant to their needs. Dynamic marketing makes marketing personal and can help consumers identify your business as the best builders for new homes. It is the state-of-the-art way to market your business.

Dynamic marketing techniques were developed in 2014, but it is only a matter of time before all of your competitors jump on board with this marketing strategy. You can decide which side of this marketing history you are on.

How Does Dynamic Marketing Work?

There are five bedrock principles of dynamic marketing that every business should have in place. Dynamic marketing depends on AI (artificial intelligence). Dynamic marketing is a complicated process that requires an automated lifecycle platform, an engagement platform to manage personalized communication, a highly secure and updated channel, a database for marketing and sales integration, and a metric for monitoring and measuring the performance of campaigns and the ROI. Each component is critical to the outcome of the strategy.

It is a complex system to start, but once launched, anyone can use the data collected to make informed decisions about their marketing. Dynamic marketing changes your approach to marketing based on consumer behavior. Responsive marketing allows the consumer’s needs to drive the marketing instead of the other way around.

How Can It Benefit Your Business?

With all the technical talk out of the way, the question remains, how does this help your business? There are several ways that dynamic marketing can get better results for your business, including:

    • Personalizing customers’ experiences with your business. Individual data is used to plan the next marketing step, resulting in a highly customizable and personal experience for your client base. Consumers prefer personalized experiences. It can elevate your building brand.
    • It is a data-focused model that can drive decision-making. Having accurate data in hand can help you to manage the services and products that your business offers more effectively.
  • Dynamic marketing allows you to automate most of the marketing processes. Less labor has to is required for marketing.

The more relevant your marketing is, the more likely you are to build customer loyalty, trust, and long-term relationships. You can develop long-term relationships that can translate into new leads and conversions.

The real beauty of dynamic marketing is the potential for relationship building. Remember we talked about the importance of word-of-mouth advertising. Creating positive relationships with current and former clients using personalized marketing can easily encourage customers to spread the word about your business.

Some marketing techniques can have the opposite effect of what you are hoping for. Marketing that is not personalized for the individual is so common it can often get your message ignored. Consumers are more likely to hit that delete button than to read your message if they feel it does not apply to them. Ultimately, marketing for the masses is just not effective anymore. Consumers appreciate feeling like they matter to your business and develop those feelings of appreciation by receiving personalized marketing materials.

This Marketing Technique Applies To Every Business

Dynamic marketing is a versatile approach for any business. A drain plumber can use it to beat out their competition. A retail outlet can use it. A beauty salon. Air conditioning installations companies can use it.

B2B businesses like crane companies can get a leg up with this marketing strategy. It is the right approach for so many businesses. A heating oil supplier can build a wide-sweeping customer base with this strategy.

This system can be tweaked for every business and industry. Local roofers can benefit from this approach. There is no limit to the type of industry or business when it comes to using this marketing approach.

Septic pumpers that use this approach have seen an incredible uptick in the number of calls they get. If you are building your business, this is the approach to use.

Still Not Convinced? Keep Reading

Data is gold to any company. The problem is with traditional digital marketing; many businesses need to do more to collect, analyze, and adjust their actions based on data. Because dynamic marketing uses a highly personalized technique, a lot of consumer data is collected along the way, which can be very valuable in delivering a competitive edge.

When all the marketing communication is relevant to the customer, a lot of data is collected with dynamic marketing that will give you consumer insight that you cannot get any other way. Here are just a fraction of the data that you can collect:

    • Did they click on the link?
    • What day of the week did they click on the link? What time of day did they click on the link?
  • Who is not clicking and following through? Who is clicking, following through, and making a purchase?

All of the data collected is valuable in different ways. For example, it can help you to tweak your campaigns and narrow your target audience. It can help you decide the right time to send information and what day of the week gets better responses. You will have different funnels of information about demographics, buyer behavior, and what message gets the best response.

A lot of valuable data can be collected and used in many ways to make you the best builders of new homes. Dynamic marketing is not an opportunity you want to sleep on because your competitor likely will not.

How Can You Get In On Dynamic Marketing?

As stated earlier, dynamic marketing can take time to set up. It is strongly advised that you choose a marketing company that offers dynamic marketing strategies and let them deal with setting up what you need to succeed. There are a lot of working parts that have to be considered with this marketing strategy. It is best left to the professionals.

Keep in mind that while looking for a marketing firm, only some firms are on board with dynamic marketing. You may need to research and ask plenty of questions to find a marketing company that can provide you with the technical support you need and a dynamic marketing strategy.

Once you find the right company, get ready for the influx of work and a huge change for your business’s reputation. When done right, dynamic marketing can get great results and help you to outwit your competition. You can become known as the best builders of new homes in a short period using the marketing techniques associated with dynamic marketing.

Personalizing your marketing strategies with dynamic marketing is the solution you have been searching for. It solves so many marketing problems.

Take The Next Step

If you want your business to be known as the best builders for new homes, it is time to take the next step. Find a firm to help you develop a dynamic marketing plan for your business. Don’t wait. Take the first step today and get started.

The advantage of this marketing system is ready for the taking. You have to take it. You can find case studies about heating oil suppliers that succeeded with this technique. Connecting with a marketing firm that offers advanced marketing techniques will change how you do business and improve your marketing results.

Now is the time to get started while this technique is on the cusp of becoming the new standard. Your business can take the lead in your area and become known as the best builders of new homes simply because you pay personal attention to customers. Start today by connecting with an agency with the skill set to make dynamic marketing happen for your company.

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