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How Using an Absolutely Free Website and Domain Can Transform Your Businesss Online Presence

Businesses gain traction online once owners like yourself establish a thoughtful presence. By gathering contact information, news and updates, employee profiles, and writing on your products and services, you can then publish them with an absolutely free website and domain. Additionally, you have the option of taking advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) to boost your website in search results.

An absolutely free website and domain come after you pursue marketing efforts to grow as a business. The goal of building a website is to better reveal your brand’s identity. You can use high-resolution imagery of your team members and high-quality blog posts and articles to keep your customers and Web visitors informed of what’s happening at your business. Understanding how an absolutely free website and domain help you is essential to transforming your business’s presence online.

Helps Build Trust

A strong, reputable website establishes trust between you and your customers. Where customers detect honesty, they purchase your products more frequently, and invest in your services more often. Building trust requires honest advertising, fair prices, and respect for both employees and customers. Trust makes your customers want to explore new things, especially products and services that your business plans on offer.

Anyone, from an auto repair technician to workers employed at drill pipe inspection companies, can benefit from building a website online. Why? Because websites allow you to create a blog, or, a series of posts that keep your audience informed and updated. Websites also give you a place to organize all of your social media accounts in one central location. The benefits of an absolutely free website and domain extend years beyond the initial few months after launching your website. Your business still needs testimonials; testimonials make present and future customers believe you’re trustworthy.

Imagine if you were working as a call center service provider and your company used an absolutely free website and domain. As call center service providers, a website would let customer service representatives communicate with customers via chat in addition to over the phone. By having an extra method of communication, the business would have another way to measure how trustworthy they appear to customers. Now, instead of relying only on call data, because of the absolutely free website and domain, businesses would also have web analytics to analyze. Web analytics give companies more insight than phone call data alone.

Helps You Appear More Professional

Your image as a business owner can transform your entire presence online, beginning with your professional headshot. While social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter emphasize your personal headshot, a website gives you the option to add galleries and slideshows of your most essential photographs on a single Web page. More photographs of your business and its team make you appear more professional. After all, customers want to see images of real workers to believe a business is trustworthy.

A company uses website photography to appear more professional, but why? Because an absolutely free website and domain may come with mobile-optimized themes along with your high-resolution file uploads, you’ll have more space to use photography to highlight your strengths as a professional. Whether you want a striking image to best show off your smile, or a calmer, more distant image to show you at work, remember, professional photos can help a business rise to the top online.

Even memorial headstone companies can use a website to appear more professional. The markings on a grave include the epitaph, as well as other pertinent information related to the life and death of people’s loved ones. These companies would showcase clear text and a minimalist design, but could still take advantage of website photography to show the company’s headquarters and team members. All businesses can capitalize from using an absolutely free website and domain, whether it’s a local fire hydrant repair company or the most qualified HVAC technician.

Increases Your Business’s Ability to Communicate

Earlier, you learned how a call center used a website to communicate, but there’s so much more. Your About page tells customers and Web visitors who you are. The page focuses on your personality and professional background, utilizing well-researched keywords to boost your website further up the search results where people will see you. Your About page summarizes your achievements and projects completed so that customers can learn more about your business without having to ask.

An absolutely free website and domain then goes a step further in helping businesses communicate, taking advantage of various-sized headers to draw Web visitors’ attention to the most relevant information they need to remember. Whether your headings present like calls to action or short descriptions, you educate the customer by using bold, large lettering. Using headers around your website is one reason building an absolutely free website and domain is worth the time.

Finally, an absolutely free website and domain let you move blocks around the page so you can add content upgrades and vital elements. Say, you needed to include a comprehensive, researched, well-designed infographic somewhere on a Web page; an absolutely free website and domain lets you do it. And if you needed to include a recent posts widget or include a categories section, the website builder helps with that too. All of these options open up routes for communication. They keep your customers close, and the customers who haven’t shown up get even closer. Take advantage of a free website builder because the option to talk, discuss, debate and share is well worth the time it takes to build a website.

Increases Your Credibility

Your free website builder will help you establish credibility as a business owner. On your website, you can list achievements and awards on your About page, or detailed, accurate descriptions of your services on your Services page. You also have the added option of being able to include a contact form and your updated business contact information so people know it’s okay to contact your business. Credibility lets customers know that what you’re selling makes sense.

Even better, you can use your website builder to find ways to improve how credible your business appears. First, double-check to make sure your grammar and spelling are accurate with the help of a premium Grammarly Pro subscription. While an absolutely free website builder and domain are essential, countless grammar and spelling errors will lead to a hit against your credibility. Be as detailed and thorough as possible when making design changes to your website. A free website builder’s customization options can be a bit tricky to understand, but an experienced business owner with a team should have no problem.

Additionally, you have plenty of space to highlight recent, relevant research, statistics, and facts using your website builder. Website builders like WordPress will include widgets you can insert or blocks that you can redesign or largen. Re-envision your website with multiple citations of research from scholarly journals. As a business owner, experiment with making your text on the page help you appear credible. Do you see how adding a statistic as a headline can increase awareness of your business’s products and services?

Helps Create Brand Awareness

Brand awareness refers to the likelihood that people unfamiliar with your brand will become aware of its presence. Factors ranging from how you design images to your company’s logo factor into brand awareness. Your brand’s messaging should communicate your company’s purpose, mission, and business objectives to your audience. Whether you’re a pool installer or work for a roofing company, how you share your brand’s intent influences the level of trust and appreciation customers have for your company.

Think of how recognizable brands send messages to customers. Shoe and clothing companies promote messages surrounding freedom of expression and progress. Restaurants brand themselves by focusing on a catchphrase or jingle associated with their unique brand. Even brick paving companies have ways to create brand awareness. They can experiment with images of beautiful bricklaying jobs or adjust the logo for the company to depict a brick home’s exterior appearance. Websites let you open your mind and create imagery that helps people find your business’s presence online. Why not take the steps to identify and establish your brand before you make too much progress in your business?

Gives You a Place to Make Major Announcements

Customers need regular updates to stay informed of what’s going in with your business. They may seem distant at times, but customers like hearing about new products and your refined vision for your services. They look forward to hearing about birthdays at the office as much as they care about reading your personal statements on the company’s major advancements. Free website builders let you add a subscriber opt-in form to your website. These forms let you keep your customers and website visitors updated.

Remember, customers, want to make informed decisions. Before they buy, they want to know the specifications and technical details, they want to know what you’re promising. Customers wait in anticipation, learning more about business developments at the same time. While a concrete cutting company might want you to know they’ve recently ordered new equipment for their workers, an air conditioner contractor might think differently and update you on the benefits behind their services. Ultimately, free website builders give businesses plenty of space to customize their announcements.

Start with a blog, especially if you already have a Twitter and Facebook following. Posting at least once a week to a blog can extend your company’s reach to thousands of people, including those who haven’t yet heard about your company. As a business owner, you can also consider adding a carousel on your landing page, a convenient feature that lets viewers see multiple types of content with a click of a button. With touch-screen-enabled devices, including a carousel would be an easy-to-use option. Choose features that keep your audience updated with fresh information, and you’ll see they have plenty of reasons to continue browsing your website.

Helps Your Business Grow

Have you ever noticed how your website works while you sleep? The pages are available for live viewing at any time, so new customers can learn more about your products and make a great decision the following day. Your website can be customized to respond to messages automatically, so even when you’re not present, customers can still move along through the process. Whether you’re running a tennis court repair service or you’re working in a completely different field such as an auto repair worker or a certified diesel mechanic, your business will grow if you optimize your website.

How do you optimize your website? By knowing what search terms people use to find your website, products, services, and information. Using keyword search tools like Ahrefs or Google Keyword Planner will help you find keywords with high search volumes and low competition. These are the keywords you can spread out through your site. Integrate the keywords in a way that sounds natural into the content. From blog posts and eBooks to infographics and photographs, the opportunities to tweak the SEO on your site are endless.

From SEO, your business will continue to expand and grow. You’ve progressed from a simple one-page website design to a multi-page functional, mobile-friendly site. Customers, clients, and those interested in your products and services will find your website with time. As an absolute free website and domain helps establish brand awareness for your business, the more effort you put into keeping your customers updated, the more knowledgeable and entertained they’ll be.

As you see, you can thrive as a business owner when you take the time to build an online presence. There’s no better way to appear professional and build credibility than with a website, and even then, you have other options to improve. From redesigning your logo to increasing brand awareness and keeping your customers updated with product updates and service announcements, a website helps your business grow. Take time to work with an absolutely free website builder and domain.

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