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How a Social Media Revamp Can Boost These Businesses

People who had businesses before the internet era and decided to move some operations online know how it has been revolutionary for them. The internet enabled the birth of social media and for a normal user, it became very easy to reach out to friends, families, and colleagues. However, for businesses, it’s more about reaching new customers and engaging daily users to imprint their online footprint visually. As web technologies evolve, how each business revamps its social media presence to adapt to needs is key to its growth. In this article, you are going to learn how a simple social media revamp can boost different businesses in a variety of ways.


An orthodontist is a dentist trained to diagnose, prevent, and treat teeth and jaw irregularities. They are equipped to identify and handle teeth-related problems that may arise in the future and they deal with people of all ages

An orthodontist for teens has to take keen care in treating them since teenagers are much more worried about their appearance than any other age group.

The best orthodontists move their business online and keep up with the latest trends to stay on top of things. Social media platforms are a great place to advertise their business and focusing on them would boost their business greatly. As an orthodontist, you might be too busy to give all your attention to social media so you should consider hiring a social media manager to do your social media revamp for you.

As mentioned, teenagers are usually worried about their appearance. One way an orthodontist can revamp his social media in relation to that is by posting about how his services can help fix any anomalies in a teenager’s dental structure. He can also ask his social media manager to build highly attractive advertisements using eye-catching graphics to attract young people who might just be teens. He could also ask his social media manager to ensure that videos posted are not longer than 3 minutes since teenagers tend to go through online content very quickly.

Social Security Lawyers

According to the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) website, “Social Security provides financial protection for our nation’s people, supporting Americans throughout all of life’s journeys”. They also “administer retirement, disability, survivor, and family benefits, and enroll individuals in Medicare. In addition to that, they “provide Social Security Numbers, which are unique identifiers needed to work, handle financial transactions, and determine eligibility for certain government services”.

2 When you have business with Social Security, the SSA recommends that you find yourself a representative such as a Social Security attorney.

Understanding how social security works is an important part of a social security lawyer’s job. As an advocate, you should be able to help people review their disability cases, improve their applications, gather evidence, and represent them at the hearing. You can showcase all these services on a business website and then advertise the website on social media.

When people go on social media to search for business professionals, like advocates, to handle their legal proceedings, they usually look for specific hints that tell them that they’ve got the right person. As a social security lawyer, you should do a social media revamp to show that you specifically deal with social security legal ordeals. One way you can do this is by posting about knowledge on the latest trends and changes in social security rules and regulations. You can also include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in the field on your posts and pin the top 10 ones on a social media platform such as Twitter.

Diamond Shops

Everyone loves diamonds, so your audience on social media might just be the biggest one yet if you play your cards right. Attracting buyers, however, is a different story. A brick-and-mortar diamond shop allows your customers to see the diamonds for themselves, choose from different varieties, and communicate their customization needs immediately.

Different parts of the world have different people and businesses that need diamonds for various reasons. Having an online shop will enable you to reach that diamond buyer on the other side of the world. However, an online shop is not going to push itself on top of the search algorithm of the most popular search engines. You need various social media accounts on various platforms to reach and engage buyers easily and if you already have one you will always need a social media revamp to keep up with trends in luxurious items advertisements.

One of the ways you can revamp your social media platforms to attract buyers is by posting aesthetically pleasing graphics on your advertisements to showcase your diamonds. You can collaborate with influencers and celebrities to showcase your diamonds and increase your brand’s popularity. Don’t forget to use the in-platform analytics tools to keep track of your posts, your influencers’ engagements, and conversions to know where to improve or boost.


Treating and taking care of animals is a tricky job, especially for animals without well-documented research. However, if you are good enough at what you do and your veterinary clinic has good references, expanding into wider areas is not such a bad idea. Social media is a great way to get your clinic and practice out for the world to see.

Getting started on social media is quite easy since joining the top platforms is free and not hectic at all. However, as time goes by, you might notice that your online base is growing at a slow rate or not at all. You would therefore need to up your game or employ professionals to increase your social media performance by performing a full social media revamp.

Some of the ways you can revamp your social media appearance to attract people to your veterinary practice include:

Show a Day in your Life as a Veterinary – Showing people your day-to-day activities in one contextual video will make people intrigued by the uniqueness of your practice. It will help them learn a lot and you will get a lot of engagement on your comment section with questions on specific parts of your daily life.

Showcase your furry patients – Recent research has suggested that people like watching cat videos on the internet because they are linked with positive emotions

4. Posting your patients with a before and after photo of curing them is a good way to trigger empathetic emotions from viewers. Doing this often will only increase your followers who might even convert into customers! Be sure to ask for your customer’s consent before posting their animals’ pictures online.

Retail Shops

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar or an e-commerce retail shop with a physical warehouse, engaging users in social media will help increase your conversion rates. Putting yourself out there will help you reach people who need your products much faster than you could imagine. However, social media is an ocean and the algorithms used to drive content to the top depend on how much users like to view them. Undergoing a social revamp from time to time should be in your business’ budget and schedule.

One of the ways you could restructure your social media presence is by performing campaigns to increase your brand’s loyalty. Many online shoppers visit their preferred social media platform multiple times a day and it might not be the platform you are on. So be sure to research your target audience thoroughly. 53% of U.S. shoppers that follow brands are much more loyal to them

5 and it would be good for your brand to perform these campaigns to boost your brand’s online visibility.

Another way to boost your social media accounts is by establishing genuine relationships with customers by following up with reviews to learn if your customers love or hate the products they buy. You can also learn about your customers’ preferences using data analytics provided by social media platforms. This will allow you to create loyalty reward programs i.e. if a loyal online customer has been recently viewing posts related to baby girl bedding, he or she might be a parent expecting a child. It would make them feel welcome if you rewarded their loyalty with a higher discount on the desired product.

Bail Agents

When a family member or friend gets arrested, people go out to find a bail agency that will help them get their loved ones out of jail quickly. If it’s their first time doing this, moving around town to find such an agency would be cumbersome. They may turn to social media to find help.

As a bail agent, you want your professional page to turn up as the first result when someone searches for bail agents in their area. A simple social media revamp will enable you to go to the top. One of the things you can do is ensure your profile is set up with details properly explaining what you do. You can also set up groups where you educate people on their legal rights in case they are arrested. This will prompt people to refer you without much thought since they believe in your expertise.

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops might just be the only business that feels like brick-and-mortar is the best way to go. However, sticking to this method is going to cost a lot of opportunities. Social media is here to help you reach more users and if you can do so, why not? Your location may not be as superficial to the locals as you think so getting attention on social media will help you give other local pawn shops a run for their money.

If you have already set up social media profiles, revamping them to suit specific users might be a good way to engage people resulting in more people looking for your shop or ordering things by phone if you do not have an online shop set up. One of the best ways you can do this is by posting high-definition (HD) photographs and videos of items in your pawn shop. This is the classic deal of What You See Is What You Get. When someone buys something, ask them for a review on your page and ask them to comment on the item’s post saying how satisfied they were by the item received.


Locksmiths help keep our properties safe by installing secure locks on doors and other equipment. Some locksmiths offer modern automotive locksmith services. They help keep your vehicles safe from predators.

If you offer such kind of services, showcasing your work is the best way to increase customer trust and gain more customers. Performing a social media revamp is a good way to do this. Post high-definition pictures of your work and post videos of how you perform your work. This will be sure to show users how cool your work is and get people talking about it.

Equipment Rental Services

Renting out equipment is a risky business. Sometimes people don’t return equipment, and sometimes they break them and without insurance, it becomes even trickier. However, if you have set up your business model right, with insurance to assure people that you are covered then anyone from anywhere will be willing to rent from you. Businesses like construction companies usually engage in heavy equipment rentals.

Performing a social media revamp to attract customers is a good way to get your business known wherever you have jurisdiction to do business. Some of the best ways to do this include posting high-definition pictures of your equipment, educating people on the legalities of renting out equipment and what would happen in case any of the equipment is broken, sporting FAQs related to your business so that people don’t have to inbox you directly for information.


Everyone has to eat sometime. One thing that separates restaurants is their level of treatment. One of the most popular delicacies known is ribs. Prime rib restaurants offer the best ribs marinated with the best spices to get you wanting more all the time.

Such restaurants may conduct a social media revamp on all their social media accounts to ensure that diners know they have the best to offer. One way of doing this is by posting HD pictures of the best ribs they can cook. They can also conduct live streams every weekend to showcase their top chefs’ skills. They can also post their menus and alert users on sales, special dishes, and performances going on.

How do you attract more users to your business on social media? Well, that is entirely dependent on your business model. However, for the common tasks mentioned, you can do them during your social media revamp which will favor your online presence when users search for businesses in your niche. Employ social media managers to engage with customers and establish genuine relationships with your customers to boost your brand awareness and loyalty. Social media trends are always changing and you must always learn to adapt to stay on top.

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